Websites and Blogs I Love to Follow

The following are websites and blogs I love to follow about kindness, community service, multiculturalism, empathy, and teaching our kids to make the world a better place.



random acts of kindness foundation

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation:

The mission of this organization is to create a huge impact on the world by providing tools to make spreading kindness fun and easy.  They have a great blog, travel the world, and have a million ideas for how to be kind to each other in a cynical world.  I love this group!





Pennies of Time

Pennies of Time:

Read their “How Pennies of Time Started” page to understand why I’m drawn to this organization.  It started for the very reason I’m here on this blog right now.

“To develop the importance of service in my children, I need simple ideas, ideas that can be completed quickly and still have meaning.”

They have SO MANY resources!







Toddlers and Kids on a Mission (TOAM):

See my post about this organization in a city near and dear to my heart I used to call home.






small acts, big change

Small Acts Big Change: 

An organization in Canada that works to empower children to make big changes through service and kindness.  They have several campaigns throughout the year that are simple, yet have a huge impact.  They are activities we could easily engage in with our kids.






world changing kids

World Changing Kids:

This Canada-based organization’s mission is to provide kindness resources to schools and communities to help children build leadership skills,  build character, strengthen communities, and improve the world children are growing up in.

“WCK builds resilient communities, nourishes strong kids, and prepares the next generation to make the world a better place.”

Two of their amazing products include:

  1. World Changing Calendar: A calendar of important dates to spread awareness, kindness, and open up discussions about important current events.
  2. Plant a Garden of Kindness:  This book provides 75 acts of kindness for children to complete.

They have so many more resources, and a blog to talk about worldwide issues.






Big Life Journal

Big Life Journal:

This website has printables, a journal, and a wonderful blog, all which equip our children with a growth mindset.  Children who have a “growth mindset” believe that our talents can be developed through hard work, motivation, and support/strategies provided by others.  It gives us the ability to reach for our goals and live our dreams.




Teaching Tolerance:

This organization’s mission is “to reduce prejudice, improve intergroup relations and support equitable school experiences for our nation’s children. We believe that schools must educate all students for full participation in a diverse democracy.”

The website has a wealth of resources and information on teaching tolerance to children, from lesson plans to magazine articles, all of which address social justice, prejudice, culture, and equality.




Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culturally Responsive Teaching from the Lee and Low Books:

This is an article about building a sense of community amongst children by providing diverse reading materials, an array of experiences, and diverse authors in your library.

Peruse the rest of the website for more multicultural books.  “Lee & Low Books is the largest multicultural children’s book publisher in the United States.”  They are a great source to help add diversity to your library.





Kid World Citizen:

A website by a mom from a multicultural and bilingual family.  She shares resources to increase global and cultural awareness.

Her article on empathy and another on diversity in your home library are two I love.





Biracial Bookworms:

Biracial Bookworms is a website that helps parents and teachers raise readers, activists, and leaders.  The hope is to raise global citizens that will change the world.  In order to do this, we need to teach empathy, gender equality, social justice, and activism through reading.  Biracial bookworms focuses on multicultural books, rich cultural experiences, and multiple language learning.  This website is truly a wealth of information, and I love it!





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