As many of you know, I also blog over at Little Hands Can once every six weeks.  Each week on their Simple Service blog you can read about a simple act of service or kindness you can do with your family, even if you have very young children (yes, even babies and toddlers!).  The stories are inspiring, helpful, and provide great ideas for us to try ourselves.


My first post on their blog was about my 31-day Kindness Challenge.  You can get access to the full challenge on my website, and you can read about my family’s experience completing our kindness challenge on Little Hands Can’s Simple Service blog.


Now my second post for my friends over at Little Hands Can is up on their website.


It is about charity boxes you can complete at home with Little Loving Hands!


Simple Service: Little Loving HandsHead over to their Simple Service blog to read about my family’s experience doing a Little Loving Hands charity box.  I highly recommend this activity for a simple act of service you can do at home with your kids.  It would also make a fabulous gift as an alternative to your typical birthday or holiday gift.


Enjoy simple service at home with your little helpers!






Much love,


look for little helpers



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