Valentine’s Service for Kids & {Free Printable Valentines}

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Valentine's Day-Themed Service Projects & Free Printable ValentinesJanuary is already halfway done, and Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it.  I asked my oldest (Mr. Track Suit) what he thinks Valentine’s Day is about.  His reply:

“Well, Valentine’s Day has lots of hearts and pink and candy, and we get to give Valentines to each other at school.  So, I guess Valentine’s Day is about hearts and love.”


While the meaning of Valentine’s Day may change a bit as we get older, for children it is a way to recognize their classmates and friends, spread kindness, share, and practice gratitude.  Children can boost each other’s self-esteem and confidence.  They can thank others for their kindness and generosity.  Valentine’s Day is a special day to teach children to celebrate each other.  So, yes, Valentine’s Day is about hearts and love!  That is definitely something we can all work with.



How can we use Valentine’s Day to be kind and serve others?


I’ve compiled a list of some of my very favorite Valentine’s Day themed service projects and simple acts of kindness to do with kids.

Valentine's Scavenger Hunt

  1. Make a “Ten Things I Love About You” book.  This activity posted on Bits of Positivity was initially meant to be used for breast cancer patients, but it could be used to spread kindness to anyone.  She includes a free printable on her website, and it is geared toward preschoolers.  Not only can they spread kindness, but they can practice math, too.
  2. Set Up a Kindness Tree.  Cut out a tree trunk with branches from butcher paper, cardboard, or paper bags.  Fill a basket with colorful construction paper hearts.  As your child completes an act of kindness, hang a heart on the tree.  By the end of the month, you will have a beautiful, colorful tree to show how much kindness your children have spread.
  3. Have a Valentine’s Kindness Countdown.  This adorable activity posted on Chicken Babies shows you how to create secret service envelopes to open each day for the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day.  She also has free printable Acts of Service Hearts to make it quick and easy to set up!
  4. Do a Kindness Scavenger Hunt.  Sign up below for my free scavenger hunt printable file delivered to your email.



In an effort to help make Valentine’s Day preparation a little easier for you, I created a set of free printable Valentines.


The download includes 4 unique designs.


Printable Valentines


You can decide what you want to include with each card.  Most of the designs lend themselves well to attaching inexpensive toys if you prefer a healthy alternative to candy.  I usually shop at the Dollar Store for simple gifts for kids, but I have also attached links to non-candy items you might want to use.  Just click on the photos to view them.







Owl design:   Attach owl stickers, owl erasers, or pencils.         Light design:  Attach a glow sticks

                                           You light up my world Valentine


“I Spy” design:  Attach glasses.                                                       Road design:  Attach mini cars



I recommend having your child make enough Valentines for each person in his or her classroom, plus a few extras, just in case.  Also, make note of this HUGE timesaving tip:  Have your child sign his or her own name at the bottom of the card, but don’t include the name of the child receiving it.  The sentiment is still there even if the individual’s name isn’t written on the card.  And, it makes the classroom a little less chaotic and saves the teacher (and parents) a little time, too.


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Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your little helpers!  Enjoy celebrating with warm hearts, big love, and extra kindness.


Much love,


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