FREE Printable Fill-in-the-Blank Thank You Cards

If you read my recent post How to Teach Your Kids to be Grateful, you saw my 15 activities to inspire grateful hearts as our children grow.  Given that Christmas is upon us, and is nearly over, I feel this is an even more salient topic than usual.  How do I work on gratitude in the midst of too many gifts, or not enough gifts, or the onslaught of candy and sweets at every turn?  Many of us feel our children are too “spoiled” or entitled, while other children’s families are struggling with having enough to give.

In reality, this season should be more about surrounding ourselves with people who make us happy, the kindnesses, helping each other, and appreciating what we have, rather than worrying about the “stuff.”


Have you had any of these thoughts?  Have you been struggling to inspire gratitude in your households?


The following is a solution for you to promote gratitude no matter what your children did or did not receive this year.  It is an activity and printable that you can use for years to come regardless of the occasion.

These 13 FREE printable fill-in-the-blank Thank You Notes are for children as young as 2-3, but can be used throughout the elementary school years until your children can write thank you notes independently.  I use them with my kids (5 and 2).  They answer verbally at first, and I fill in the blanks for them.  As they get older and begin to write, they can write the giver’s name and sign their own.  When their writing improves, they can fill them in completely on their own.  And, in the later years, they can use them as a template or guide.

Free printable fill in the blank thank you cards


What I most want kids to get out of these Thank You Notes:

  1. Being grateful is about more than just saying thank you for the “thing” received.  It’s about expressing what you LOVED about it and what it meant to you.  It is also about recognizing the person doing the giving and what it meant.  The prompts on the cards make kids notice the act of kindness, think about the gesture and the person who gave, identify their feelings, and express gratitude.
  2. Writing thank you notes doesn’t have to be exclusively for gifts, “things,” and “stuff.”  We can write thank you notes for support, kind gestures, coaching, teaching, and so many other intangible acts.  It would be wonderful for kids at a very young age to practice expressing gratitude for acts of kindness instead of sending the message that thank-yous are only for items.  When it comes down to it, it is the support, love, kindness, and help from others that is really what makes a difference in our lives.


A friend also recently told me about a website called Mr. Thank You in which you can log the number of thank you notes you’ve written.  This may be one more way to help your children see just how much they have to be grateful for.



I hope you can use these fill-in-the-blank thank you notes with your little helpers.  Make it fun, let them choose the design they like best, and, in addition to writing thank-yous for presents after birthdays or Christmas, try to throw in a few thank-you notes here and there for people who provide important acts of caring and kindness in their lives.

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I included multiple designs and three holiday thank-you options.  Print them on card stock and enjoy!


FREE Printable Fill-in-the-blank Thank You Cards
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