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Research suggests that gratitude is correlated with increased physical health, reduces negative emotions, promotes positive relationships, helps with mental strength, and makes us happier and less depressed.  But, do you struggle with how to teach your children to be grateful?  Parenting can be overwhelming, as there is truly so much we want to instill in our kids.  Kindness, gratitude, acceptance, hard work, humility, and also happiness.

Teaching our children gratitude entails much more than simply the act of saying, “Thank you.”  According an article in The Greater Good Magazine to researchers at the University of North Carolina (Raising Grateful Children Project), we have to be able to notice what in our environments and lives we should be thankful for, think about and understand why we have those things in our lives, identify how we feel about these things, and only then can we express appreciation MEANINGFULLY.

Looking for ideas for how to teach your children to be grateful?


Free resources to teach your child to be grateful and kind.


Please read my more comprehensive post about gratitude, but in the meantime, I have created 5 FREE printable resources to help you in teaching gratitude.

  1. 30-day Gratitude Journal, which incorporates four daily questions for children to answer to promote gratitude.
  2. 30-day list of gratitude prompts:  We want our children to be grateful for more than just their toys and immediate family members, right?  I’ve created a list of prompts to encourage them to think about a variety of people, experiences, and environments.
  3. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Activity:  Gratitude requires us to actively think and notice our environment.  This activity will help kids start thinking about more than just their immediate interests.
  4. 31-day Acts of Kindness Calendar:  Part of developing gratitude is spending time thinking about others. This calendar can be followed any time of the year.  It gives you ideas of how to serve and be aware of others and their needs.  Also, check out my kindness challenge here.
  5. Printable Fill-in-the-Blank THANK YOU Cards:  Writing thank you notes doesn’t have to be exclusively for gifts, “things,” and “stuff.”  We can write thank you notes for support, kind gestures, coaching, teaching, and so many other intangible acts.  When it comes down to it, it is the support, love, kindness, and help from others that is really what makes a difference in our lives.


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