31 Day Purposeful Acts of Kindness Challenge

A dear friend of mine who writes for Crazy Messy Mommy Life just finished a November 30-day Gratitude Challenge on her blog.  My kids and I spent the last month noting the relationships, items, experiences, and events in our lives we are most grateful for, and this exercise has helped us see each day in a positive light.  It seemed only natural that the next step would be sharing that light with others.

Thus came the creation of the 31-Days of Kindness Challenge for kids!


I know all of you reading this are kind and wonderful people, so that isn’t the point here!  Think of this 31 Days of December Kindness Challenge as an opportunity to practice kindness with your kids in a purposeful way.  Rather than this being “random” acts of kindness, we are making it a conscious choice each day.  The hope is that it becomes easy to talk to our kids about kindness on a daily basis and to make it a habit.


In our family, we do an advent calendar every December.  Each pocket in our calendar contains a note with an activity we are going to do together as a family (e.g., going sledding, going to Christmas in the Garden, the Giving Tree at the mall, driving around to look at lights) and sometimes a small gift.  I think it is important for kids to be kids and to enjoy gifts and time together as a family.  But I thought we’d add an extra element this year so we can consciously engage in the spirit of the season.  So, each day we will GIVE to others, too.  I want this month to be about love, hope, and kindness, which I hope this exercise will foster.  And, it shouldn’t end on Christmas Day.  For the blog, it goes until December 31st, but I hope many of us will continue it well beyond the final day of the challenge.


Thank you for joining me!  Each day will be a new purposeful act of kindness.  They will all be simple, doable activities.  Some of the ideas came from brainstorm sessions with my kids.  Others came from ideas I found online.  Other ideas came from friends.

We each have so much to offer others, and as the incomparable Maya Angelou said,

“…people will never forget how you made them feel.”



So here goes!  Our December 2017 Purposeful Acts of Kindness Challenge.  Follow along here on the blog, on Instagram, and Facebook.  And, if you are late joining in the fun, you can do this ANYTIME.  It is designed to be used anytime throughout the year and is NOT specific to Christmas.


If you prefer to have a copy of the full 31-day Acts of Kindness Calendar, you can get the pdf file here.


random acts of kindness challenge


Day 1 kindness challenge for kids


Day 2 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids


Day 3 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids

Day 4:  Because laughter makes everything better:

Day 4 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids


Day 5 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids


Day 6 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids


Day 7 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids


Day 8 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids

Day 9 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids


Day 10 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids

Day 11 Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids


Day 12 acts of kindness challenge


Day 13 Acts of Kindness Challenge


Day 14 acts of kindness for kids


teach your child to be kind


thank someone, show appreciation, teach your kids to be kind


day 17 acts of kindness


Do something kind for a sibling today, acts of kindness challenge


Day 20 of the kindness challenge. LISTEN

Day 21 of the kindness challenge. Kids can choose an act of kindness on their own.


Day 22 kindness challenge


day 23 kindness challenge


day 24 kindness challenge


day 25 kindness challenge


day 26 kindness challenge


day 27 kindness challenge


day 28 kindness challenge


Day 29 Kindness Challenge



Day 31 Kindness Challenge for kids



For those of you who completed the challenge, thank you so much for participating and following along!  I appreciate you and your support more than you know.  Each and every act of kindness makes a difference in the world.  To read a summary of my family’s experience doing this challenge, I wrote a Simple Service post for the Little Hands Can blog.  You can hop over there to read it and to look through more of their amazing Simple Service ideas for kids.


Much love,


look for little helpers


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