How Can I Help You?

It’s #GivingTuesday, Christmas is everywhere, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what causes and people are most important in my life.  Whether you donate to a charity near and dear to your heart, or reach out to a friend or family member you miss and love, know that every act of kindness makes a difference!


This blog is helping me gather the knowledge I need to make the changes I want to make for my kids.  But, the reason I’m putting it out there into the world is because maybe others could benefit from the information I’m gathering, too.  And I want to collaborate.  I am not doing this for “fame” or attention (I’m actually mostly an introvert and extremely shy), and I’m not doing this for financial gain.  I do not have all of the answers-FAR FROM IT.  That is the point!  I’m actively seeking more information.  Sharing resources is powerful.  Working together is powerful.  We all have thoughts and ideas that provide value.  I’d like to capitalize on that.


I am only just starting this journey, and I have millions of ideas floating around in my head.  Some of the topics I am working on include:

    1. Simple, evidence-based ways to teach gratitude.
    2. Simple, evidence-based ways to teach kindness.
    3. Community Service opportunities young children can participate in (especially simple, short activities that maintain their focus and make it fun).
    4. Research:  What does science and what do studies show?
      • What does the research say about teaching young children gratitude and how it shapes their minds and their future?
      • Could there be unintended as well as intended positive consequences?
      • What is the best way to teach gratitude to children?
      • How does volunteering from a young age impact a child’s future?
    5. Charity of the month:
      • A featured post once a month on a charity that may be somewhat unknown to people.
    6.  Around the World:
      • What is happening in other parts of the country that is inspiring related to kindness, gratitude, and service?
      • What is happening in other parts of the world?
      • How can we teach cultural and ethnic diversity and sensitivity?
      • How can we learn more about our global community?


It will take time to get the content, resources, and ideas I have planned.  Therefore, I want to prioritize.

Those of you who are reading, what can I do to help YOU?

  • What do YOU want to know more about?
  • What specifically are you struggling to teach at home?
  • What kinds of activities would you like to find for your kids?
  • What else can we help each other with?


Please comment below. -or-


I will read each and every comment and email and do my best to find whatever it is that will help us in our journey of gratitude and kindness and finding ways to serve with our kids.  I’ll do research, I’ll try things at home.  I’ll take ideas and thoughts from you. You all have tons of valuable insight.  Your ideas will help me be better at all of this, too!  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for sharing my blog with others and your ideas with me.  And thank you for looking for the little helpers in the world.  The world needs people like them (and you)!


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