Little Hands Can and Toddlers and Kids on a Mission: Spotlight on Children’s Community Service Organizations

Little Hands Can


The single greatest resource my children and I have right now for finding service projects is the organization Little Hands Can.  They arrange service projects for children of all ages and their families, but are particularly focused on allowing our youngest kids to be invaluable helpers in a variety of tasks.  I am so grateful for them, because they’ve given my boys and I opportunities in the community I haven’t been able to find elsewhere.


It was started by two moms who care about their community, have young children, and wanted to teach them to help others.  When they were not able to find many organizations that accepted toddler-age volunteers, they decide to create this organization.  They find service opportunities that young children can participate in and make them available to families all over the Eugene/Springfield area.  If you’re interested in joining them (and my boys and I) sometime, check out their calendar.  My boys and I participate quite frequently.  They have amazing opportunities for us and our little ones.


One of my favorites is the “Happy Helpers” group for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and their parents.  They meet at Waterford Grand every Tuesday from 10:30-11:30 and have stories and music followed by a different simple service opportunity each week. It’s free and no registration is necessary.  Some of their other events require registration, so check their website for more information.  Hope to see you there!


Just look for the little helpers 😉


Toddlers and Kids on a Mission


For those of you in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area (and even those in other parts of the country), you should look in to this organization.


Lynn Raines was my former principal when I worked at Brookfield Elementary in Brookfield, WI.  A few days ago, I completed a post on my blog about bucket-filling and kindness jars, and she was on my mind since the bucket-filling curriculum was something she brought to my attention years ago.  She is a huge inspiration to me and I admire immensely!  She created an environment of positivity, and her leadership at our school and in our district was admirable.


She continues to spread good through her work with a non-profit organization she founded called Toddlers and Kids on a Mission (TOAM).  It is evident how much she and the members of TOAM care about children, their community, and about the world in general.  I love this excerpt from the TOAM website:


“It was created in 2014 by two moms with the not-that-simple goal of engaging in community service hand in hand with their toddlers and kids. What started with two families has now grown to over one hundred families that regularly engage with amazing Milwaukee agencies every month.”


Even if you can’t participate directly, they share an abundance of ideas for how to be a positive influence with your children and in your communities, wherever you may live.  The missions they’ve completed can give us a great idea of what we can do in our own communities with our own children to make a difference.


You can follow both organizations on their websites, but on Facebook as well:




Keep hunting for those little helpers and sharing your resources and ideas with me (and our fellow “Little Helper” families).  As Lynn said to me when we chatted last week,  “Uniting resources is so powerful!”


Much love,


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