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A Little About Us:

About us; look for little helpers, community service, kindness, gratitude.


My name is Ashley, and I am a Stay-at-home-Mom to two busy boys, ages 5 and 2. I’ll often refer to my oldest son as “Mr. Track Suit” after his profound love for all things comfortable and tracksuit related, and his unparalleled ability to stay true to himself and be exactly who he is.  And my younger son I will often call “The Knight” after his lack of fear, his desire to make others happy, and due to his namesake.  I spend my days running, reading, walking and riding bikes, digging, splashing, getting muddy, playing outside, participating in music and sports activities, and incorporating exercise into our daily schedules.


When my first son was born, I left my job as a Speech/Language Pathologist to stay at home with my children. They are my greatest accomplishment to date, and I could not love anything more. I have never once regretted that decision. However, like many moms I know, some pieces of myself went missing when I quit my job to stay at home with my children. After much soul-searching and asking myself, “What is my “thing”? What makes me, me?”.  I think I’ve figured out at least partially what makes me tick.  I am passionate helping those in need and making real changes in people’s lives. When I left my job, I was no longer spending time on a daily basis serving others.


And this is where the blog comes in!


This blog was born out of many thoughts and feelings, two of which were inspiration from a friend and the need for a creative outlet. Another sprung from stories I’ve heard of kids being bullied during their first MONTH of kindergarten!  I’m not quite ready to go back to work, but it hit me…why can’t I still make a difference WITH my kids?!


Therefore, the biggest place this came from was my desire to teach my kids to be kind, generous, and gracious. Not only do I want to make a difference and set a good example for my children. I want them to find joy in serving others and to know and love all kinds of people.  They are at a critical age where this can become ingrained in their lives in a way that is natural and organic. And, I want them to be happy and well-adjusted. Service is one of many ways they can take pride, make a difference, and feel ingrained in their communities.  And, it’s important to remember: LITTLE helpers can make HUGE changes.


What can you expect to find here?


Parenting is Hard. Join Us to Figure Out How to Teach Kindness, Gratitude, and Service Amongst the ChaosFirst, I think it’s important to be completely real with you all.  I am not, nor are my children, perfect.  I know the subject matter on this blog is perhaps syrupy sweet to some of you.  In reality, parenting is hard.  WAY harder than I had ever expected it to be before becoming a mom.  I LOVE it more than anything, but I am in no way trying to convey that I don’t have many of the exact same struggles you do!!!  If nothing else, I hope this is a place you can come to collaborate, commiserate, and find that within the insanity of raising little maniacs, we can still teach them to be kind, generous, and grateful and to appreciate this beautiful, diverse world we live in.

Second, I have found that for the smallest of our helpers, it is not always easy to find local and global opportunities for community service.  Nor is it always easy to come up with ideas for simple acts of kindness for small children to participate in.  We also all have very busy schedules and many of us have difficulty stepping outside our comfort zones.  Thus, adding one more “thing” seems daunting at times.  Mostly, I want to be better, do better, and teach my kids….better!


It is my goal to:


  1. Discover, take part in, and spread awareness of service opportunities, both locally and world-wide, even our smallest of helpers can participate in
  2. To learn more about how gratitude and volunteering shape young minds.
  3. To find simple ways in a busy schedule to serve others on a regular basis, and to share those ideas with other like-minded parents.
  4. I also want to hear from YOU. What do your little helpers do in their homes and communities that we all might be able to do? Let’s come together and help each other along the way.


Please join my little helpers and me as we serve others, show kindness, feel gratitude, and find happiness.


Email me anytime!  lookforlittlehelpers@gmail.com


Much love,


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